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Briston Virtual Services

Briston Virtual Services is an Australian business solutions provider specialising in training, administration, finance and HR support. Our main aim is to help companies reduce cost and enhance business operations. With an integrated and hybrid business approach, we are the go-to partner for small to large enterprises aiming to transform their businesses into high performing, results-driven and customer-oriented organisations.


Building Services Consulting Australia

My first dealings with Briston were at the Southern Queensland Correctional Centre, as a result of their successful tender bid for the documentation and delivery of the training for the entire facility. We were extremely impressed with the professionalism of the staff, in particular their ability to understand the Client's training needs and convert this into an efficient delivery strategy.

On a subsequent project, Cleveland Youth Detention Centre, we made a recommendation to the Managing Contractor that Briston be engaged by the Security Services Subcontractor to write the training documentation and deliver, to ease the struggling Subcontractor's burden. Again Briston didn't fail to impress and excel.

Over the course of these two Projects the relationship fostered between Building Services Consulting Australia and Briston has been one that has been effective and successful, to the point that Briston are our first choice of training provider.

Steve Barnes
Building Services Consulting Australia

Evocca College
Our company was looking for a process to help increase the engagement of our distance students, aiming to increase available support and provide a solution that would give our tutors more time to directly work with students during their studies. We had worked with Briston in the past and were confident that they could provide a very tailored solution within a compressed timeframe, so we engaged them to establish our student support branch. Briston worked with a large number of stakeholders to help map our requirements, established a detailed training program for our new support representatives, and successfully rolled out an integrated solution for us across all of our distance operations. Since the program commenced, it has now tripled in size and continued to develop as our company grows, however Briston have always worked hard to adapt the program to fit our needs, have provided excellent quality assurance, and have ensured that the overall operation has met our operational requirements without the headaches that may have occurred with other providers.

Nicole Grundy
Chief Operations Officer
Evocca College

Outsource Institute of Technology
OIT had been looking for opportunities to expand our service offering to one of our major clients in the construction industry when they released a tender that contained a significant training design project that was beyond our capability at that time. Rather than risk losing the client to another provider, we sub-contracted Briston to deliver the analysis and design of more than 70 competency based programs under the projects requirements. Throughout the project, Briston worked autonomously with the client to develop a strong understanding of their overall requirements, reshape their approach to the project, and then design, develop and deliver courses that were detailed, comprehensive and highly effective. Despite competing demands from a large number of stakeholders, Briston worked hard to foster the relationships and deliver a very professional outcome that perfectly met the needs of our client, establishing and leading a team of more than 20 training designers to support us throughout the project. I would strongly recommend Briston as a professional, detail orientated training company with an ability to deliver on projects across a wide variety of complex needs.

Carl Spruce Director
Outsource Institute of Technology (OIT)

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